Product Development

Our drafting team offers Solidworks drawing solutions to assist in creating 3D models and drawings for concept design, prototyping and fabrication. 

Whether you are developing hand sketches into a model or have a model that requires drawings, our team of engineers and technicians can assist in providing professional, legible drawings in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition to outputting 2D working drawings, modelling parts in 3D allows for real world visualisation of parts or products in advance of manufacture. These parts can be inputted into models of existing surroundings to demonstrate compliance or fit. 

Example of useful outputs we provide includes:

  • 3D PDF of a part/ assembly that any adobe pdf can open and rotate etc.
  • STEP files (most common used for any 3D software)
  • STL files – 3D printing models
  • Part, Assembly and Flat Pattern Drawings
  • DXF / DWG files of sheet metal patterns for machining.
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