MEP Services Co-ordination

We are a trusted and certified provider of BIM support within the construction industry.  Using the latest processes, technologies and software, the team at Engineering Documentation Ltd. have a proven track record of providing BIM support on projects nationally and internationally. 

Our company is certified to ISO19650 for Building Information Modelling and has a capacity to undertake a range of projects including large scale residential, industrial & commercial, medical, pharmaceutical and data centres.

With our specialisation in MEP services, a large part of our work involves both the co-ordination of mechanical and electrical services for contractors and engineers and the clash analysis and resolution of these services. 

We support our clients right through the project from the initial design modelling, through co-ordination and clash resolution, up to and including producing a final ‘as built’ model – both graphically and non-graphically. 

Throughout this project we work alongside our clients to representing them in co-ordination meetings and ensuring that we get the best possible outcomes with regards clash resolution.  

Following on from this we can generate builders work ope requirement, equipment schedules, 3D sections and visualisation of particular areas within a building.

Our team are highly skilled at using cloud-based BIM co-ordination to liaise with project team members.  This approach allows for greater multi-disciplinary participation and collaboration and enables the client to engage in the BIM process and access precise model views and shared mark-ups.

As well as spatial co-ordination, we can also produce intelligent Revit families for particular items and equipment, modelling from either 2D drawings, datasheets or scans.  All our models are COBie compliant and contain all required graphical and non-graphical data to ensure they are fit for purpose.  Our models are all produced using industry best practice to ensure ease of use, appropriate levels of detail and contract compliance.

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