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Sligo General Hospital – Plantroom Upgrade

About Project:

As part of upgrading the existing plantroom at Sligo General Hospital,  Tim Kelly Group decided to approach this project using BIM principals to attempt to reduce site time and maximise the potential of off-site prefabrication.  With the plantroom being existing and continuity of services expected, it was important to have a clear idea of the installation process and schedule prior to commencing any works.


To ensure complete accuracy from the beginning, a point cloud survey was carried out to capture existing site conditions, including structural restrictions and plant and pipework which would be retained.  This provided us with a complete and accurate survey of site conditions which would be very difficult to capture on a set of 2D plans.  It allowed us to spatially assess the area for pipework routes and potential obstacles which needed to be avoided.

To co-ordinate the installation phase of the project, we had at our disposal a full set of 2D layout and schematic drawings produced by the consulting engineers.  This allowed us to set out the plant in a sensible manner for the installation team and ensure all valves and equipment were accessible for the facilities maintenance team who would be operating the plant.

Given the nature of an existing hospital site with limited space and access, Tim Kelly Group decided to prefabricate as much of the pipework runs as possible off site.  To assist with this process, one of our deliverables was to produce a full set of isometric drawings which could be sent to the workshop for manufacture.

BIM Delivery

As so much information had been captured as part of the co-ordination phase of this project, it was decided that a full asset information model would be made available to form part of the handover package.  Firstly, this required the BIM model to be graphically accurate.  We ensured compliance here by carrying out further point cloud scans to field verify the drawing element of the project was correct.  As we were also compiling the O&M manuals for this project, we were able to use this documentation to complete the non-graphical elements required within the model.  All information was inputted to be utilised if required by the facilities management team.

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