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Galway Clinic UPS Room

About Project:

Works to install a new UPS room in an existing hospital building were always going to be tricky.  Existing 2D drawings were available from previous projects, but the density of services in a confined area present their own problems.  Although physically small, the amount of equipment and services to be installed are substantial.  This was not originally intended to be a BIM project, but having seen the benefits of co-ordinating in 3D on previous jobs, Tim Kelly Group took it upon themselves to present this back to the design team in Revit

Room Layout

Basing our model on the existing 2D drawings and proposed sections presented by the design team, ENGdoc produced 3D models for the architectural, mechanical and electrical services.  Once the spatial capacity of the rooms had been established, the electrical boards and equipment were set out within the model.  In order to maintain manufacturer's clearance spaces for both safety and access, we set up particular families for the new equipment complete with these exclusion zones.  This facilitated the placement of equipment in a manner that worked for both design and operation.

Services Layout

Once the large equipment locations had been finalised, we set about modelling in trays, pipework and ductwork.  With space so restricted, both in terms of room are and ceiling or services heights, we had to manipulate the installation to present the optimum layout for both installation and presentation.   Where available, equipment families were imported into the model.  When not available, we created our own families from technical data sheets.  This gave a more realistic picture of how the project would look following installation.  The project was modelled remotely with regular video conferences being held between ENGdoc and Tim Kelly Group.  Once complete, the model was presented to the installation team on traditional 2D drawing containing plans, sections and 3D view.

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