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Clongowes Wood College

About Project:

ENGdoc have supported Clongowes Wood College on a number of projects over the past years.  Our role is ensuring that the handover documentation received from contractors is accurate, relevant and accessible.  With both live projects and a large amount of legacy documentation on site, our scope of works involves two main approaches.

Legacy Handover Documentation

For existing projects, a large amount of archived drawings and files existed.  Given their age and format, this information was difficult to use.  Searching for items of plant and equipment was a time consuming and often frustrating exercise.  To streamline this process, our first step was to digitise all of the old handover documentation available.  Once complete we were able to organise this using our online safety file system.  This immediately allowed us to search quickly through thousands of documents and drawings.  It also provided a central filing space for all building information which is used on an ongoing basis.

New Projects

One of the disadvantages with existing documentation is that you can only work with what is available.  Whilst it is possible to survey buildings and  source some additional information online, it is difficult to trace drawings, certification and test figures after the fact.  With this in mind, we were employed on a number of projects to ensure that information received at the end of a project was complete, accurate and useful to the client.  We managed this process by compiling the Digital Safety File on behalf of contractors during the construction phase of new projects.  This gave us a 'hands on' role in ensuring all necessary documentation was included in the file at handover and, more importantly, it gave us access to chase any omitted documents whilst they were still available.

This has the effect of ensuring that handover documentation on all new projects is delivered to the highest of standards.  It removes the risk of missing information which may cause problems with operating and maintaining the facility in the future.

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Clongowes Wood College
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