3D Scanning

ENGdoc have the in-house capability to produce point cloud scans of buildings and building services which can be used for a range of applications.

Where accurate models are required for existing buildings, particularly ones with complex services, the point cloud scan is the best means of capturing this data accurately. Once recorded, the scan data can be registered for viewing and use and a model generated from the raw information.

Existing models can also be validated right up to the ‘as built’ stage using point cloud to record actual positions of installed services. Once the point cloud is complete it can be imported into the model file and any adjustments within the model can be made to ensure the client has a complete and accurate building model to assist their facilities management process.

Our company uses a range of scanning solutions depending on the application, from small and mobile Matterport Pro2 for domestic applications to the larger and very accurate Leica C10 and BLK360 where accuracy is critical.  We also use the DJI Phantom Pro 4 RTK drone for surveying larger sites or buildings from the air.

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