A challenge which we encounter regularly is that of an existing building undergoing a change of use or ownership, but which has no supporting drawings or documentation available.  This recent project in North Frederick Street, Dublin had just such a situation.  The solution required a full building survey.

To achieve accurate and reliable data our team utilised point cloud technology to capture the existing site.  This was done using our Leica scan-station which allowed us work in a non-invasive and discrete manner.  This method ensured complete accuracy as well a providing back-up data should it be required.

Once brought back to the office, we used the scan data to produce a full 3D representation of the building and surroundings.  We then cut the model to produce floor plans for all levels as well as cross sections where required.

The new drawings were used by the landlords to accurately assess floor areas, car-parking allocations and space availability.  This information streamlines the facilities management process and opens doors to asset management and further BIM integration into the future.

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