EngDoc IT Sligos Engineering Expo

Yesterday we were delighted to partake in the Engineering Expo which took place at IT Sligo.  Our stand offered an insight into some of our services, including 3D modelling, point cloud scanning and visualisation.

Our virtual reality glasses, which can be used to view the inside of a building model got some great reactions, particularly from the younger members of the audience. They were able to ‘walk through’ one of our models, looking all around them as they went.  The VR gives the viewer the feeling of being inside the building – a surreal experience for the first timer!

We also demonstrated how we could use our laser scanner to generate a 3D point cloud scan of an existing building.  This scan can then be imported into our drawing software to generate an accurate Revit Model of the project.  The model can then be used for further design and co-ordination purposes on the building.

For the Expo, we had some walk-through’s of our BIM models which had been generated from point cloud scans. These consisted of full 3D models of the buildings and their associated services. The walk-through’s showed how these services can be fully designed and co-ordinated before any site work need commence.

This was our first time attending the Expo but we are already looking forward to next year’s event.


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