ENGdoc provided BIM support to both the main contractor and the services engineers during the design and co-ordination phase of this project.  Our support included both remote and site-based BIM support and included work on the architectural, structural and services packages over a six month period.

On behalf of the main contractor, we provided a full time site resource to support the overall co-ordination of the BIM packages for the development.  This included liaising with site teams, structural teams, architects and services engineers.  Additionally, we provided an ‘off-site’ team to model the furniture packages for each of the buildings and insert in the architectural model.

Our role for the services engineers included modelling the proposed mechanical and electrical services from the 2D design and conceptual drawings with the goal of producing tender packs to be sent to the contracting team.  As all services were being modelled at design stage, our team set out to avoid any clashes from the beginning thus minimising the time which needed to be spent resolving problems when they did occur.

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Hyperscale Data Centre
Odense, Denmark
Phase 2 Extension
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