ENGdoc have been working with Tim Kelly Mechanical this month to produce a detailed BIM model for the Sligo University Hospital plantroom upgrade project.  The project aims to utilise off-site prefabrication of the mechanical boilerhouse elements so that they could then be reassembled in a phased manner on the existing campus.  A decision to incorporate BIM processes on this project was taken at an early stage.  The reasons included a tight area with limited fabrication space, the need to minimise hot works on site, the desire to reduce site time where possible and the aim of minimising the risk of health & safety incidents overall.  Most importantly, the contractor had been involved in a number of BIM projects already and had a desire to make the process work for them in order to ensure the project was carried out to the highest standard.

Due to the complex nature of the site, an initial point cloud survey was conducted and the plantroom, including existing equipment and pipework, were replicated in a 3D Revit model.  Using the engineer’s schematic design drawings and in consultation with the mechanical contractor, we then modelled up the new pipework and equipment to be installed.  This pipework required co-ordination with the existing environment as well as the new flue and electrical systems before a final layout was agreed upon.  In order to achieve maximum dimensional accuracy, all elements of plant and equipment were imported as families from the manufacturer’s websites and incorporated into the model.

To facilitate the off-site prefabrication, our package included a set of fully annotated isometric drawings for all pipework elements.  This allowed the contractor to carry out substantial works in the controlled environment of their off-site workshop.  Completed runs of pipework were then transported to the site for installation, reducing the site elements of the works significantly.

For more information on BIM support or other services we can provide please contact info@engdoc.ie

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