ENGdoc are pleased to have started BIM support and co-ordination work on behalf of Brendan Mellett Electrical at Claremorris Primary Care Centre.

With the project utilising BIM as a design and construction tool, the first undertaking this morning was to verify that the building model and site conditions were aligned. This involved carrying out a point cloud scan which will be used primarily to confirm builderswork opening dimensions.  Once this is confirmed we will proceed with setting the level of the electrical containment runs.  This due diligence will remove the need to adjust levels and ensure no unforeseen obstacles present themselves during the installation phase.

Later works in this project will include clash detection and co-ordination meetings where we will be working with the site teams to minimise clashes as we prepare the working installation drawings. Technical information on the actual equipment being installed will be added as the submittals process advances.  This will allow suitable COBie information to be included in the model prior to handover.

Finally, we will return to site with our point cloud scan station to record the ‘as installed’ site conditions.  These will be compared to the model to ensure that both the graphical and non-graphical elements of the BIM model are both accurate and ready to be passed on to the facilities management team at handover.

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