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Waterford Regional Hospital, CF Unit

About Project:

The new Cystic Fibrosis Unit was installed in part of the existing building at Waterford Regional Hospital and was heavily serviced with supply and exhaust ventilation, medical gases, domestic water, LPHW heating and soils & wastes pipework.  The project necessitated the construction of a high platform external to the unit to hold the four dedicated air handling units.

The complexity of the ductwork runs together with the piped services in the area made it very difficult to co-ordinate in 2D AutoCAD so ENGdoc surveyed and modelled the building and proposed services in Revit to ensure the design would work.  We also co-ordinated the mechanical and electrical installations which were to be installed prior to construction and surveyed the area following installation to bring the model to an ‘as built’ standard.


Blanchfield Heating

Blanchfield Heating

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